Fear Monster

“Fear Monsters are not like the ‘just add water sea creatures’ we all ran out to purchase as children. They are born out of the circumstances and events which shape our lives. Our ego mind picks out a thought, marries it with a belief and hey presto a fear is born! A fear monster can be inherited, passed down from generation to generation, usually without anyone having noticed. They grow very quickly and have suction caps on their feet which prevent you from shaking them loose. Okay so this might be a slight exaggeration however if you have ever encountered the fear monster you would know getting rid of it is akin to convincing a store sales person you really don’t need another credit card.”

face the monster

Language is the cornerstone of change

Language is it really THAT important?
You bet it is!
How you language yourself how you talk to others all determines what your world will look at and what energy you will bring to you.
This is the lesson the Universe has shown to me many times.
Do I announce I can’t do anything wrong or do I declare I am powerful and strong
Do I tell you that you can do no right or do I declare you are powerful and strong.
Which words do you think will provoke the most change?
First comes awareness in the form of:
What am I saying?
Next comes awareness of how what I say effects others.

Think words don’t matter think again my friends!download (3)

Emotional caretakers

Sometimes we have to realize it isn’t about us. A person’s bad mood, their grumpiness, the way they ignore you….sometimes we have to go “okay they are your feelings not mine and I don’t need to own them”. You don’t have to be an emotional care taker to the people around you. You can have empathy be compassionaite but you don’t need to take aboard what others are feeling